I have never been so impressed!! I could not recommend Mango Dogs enough! Taylor has completely changed our life at home with our 80lbs rescue dog, Yuna. My boyfriend and I had been struggling with how reactive Yuna had become toward dogs and people, from negative experiences with other dogs. I was starting to lose hope that we would ever have our friendly girl back, but finding Mango Dogs changed all of that as Taylor’s incredibly impressive skills/knowledge have made our lives- and Yuna’s -astronomically better. He helped us through every problem in the most impressive, effective, and knowledgeable way I could ever imagine was possible.

She walks with us on leash (and off leash!) with no issue now, no pulling or reactivity while walking. She gets to finally feel calm while walking on leash, can walk right past other dogs without getting reactive; and we can finally enjoy spending time with her again and trying new experiences, such as hiking. Another experience we get to have with her again is taking her to parks to run around and play with her, something we had been missing due to reactivity at the park and we did not know proper recall. I could go on for hours about how much Taylor and Mango Dogs has changed our lives in just a short amount of time!
Not only was Taylor’s skills and knowledge so beneficial for Yuna, but also, I looked forward to every single training session as Taylor is incredibly enjoyable to get to speak to, as well as makes you feel very comfortable to ask questions.

The entire experience we have had with Mango Dogs is truly unforgettable and I could not possibly be more happy!

Steph Boan

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