We work long hours, a typical week is Monday-Saturday: 9:30am – 9pm. Closed on Sundays.
Joe and Karen do in-home training to serve you most conveniently. Ted does not do in-home training rather he has a facility to cut down on driving time.
We are a dog training service that focuses on results, not sessions. We do not have per hour or per lesson rates. All of our training is program based. Program prices depend on the dog we are working with. We will evaluate your dogs strengths and weaknesses and develop a program specific to achieving your desired outcome. Because we don’t have stock programs, we don’t have stock prices. Contact us today to set up a time to meet, and we can give you some program options and pricing at that time.
We most certainly do! We obviously can’t guarantee that your dog will be perfect, every minute of every hour or every day. But we can guarantee that we will stand by you during the training process and continue to give you support until you feel that you are happy with your dogs progression. Some dogs progress rapidly in training, and some at not as quick to progress, not to worry as we will help you as long as you need our help. You can read more about it by clicking HERE.
No we do not use clicker training. Essentially clicker training is a communication method that falls under the marker training umbrella. All that clicker training is used for is to communicate with your dog that it has done something correct. Rather than using a clicker, we opt for verbal marker training. We would use the word “yes” rather than a click, and in-so-doing we have an extra free hand available.
We can sum up our methodology in one word. Balance. We use both positive and negative motivators in our training programs. If we are going to use any negative motivators (aversives) that would happen when the trainer/owner have properly instructed to the dog what they want him/her to do. Correction is never used in the learning process. Food, toys, praise are used with all dogs to motivate them for faster more reliable responses. Food is ultimately weaned out during the training process over time. Most dogs we work with don’t need much aversive control during the training process. Proper communication and motivation go a long way. We are not purely positive dog trainers because we believe that that methodology is not conducive to working with all dogs, off leash in distracting environments. If you would like to find a Purely Positive trainer in your area we would be more than willing to refer you to some!
We have been able to work with many Vets over the years to stop medicating for many different issues including separation anxiety and aggression. Veterinarians ultimately want the best for your dog, and many are open to working with us to reach this goal. We have worked closely with a large amount of Veterinarians during the weaning off process. Under the very rare situation we think that meds are a good fit for your dog, we are open minded to working with you, your dog and your Veterinarian to find the best scenario for your dog.
We accept Cash, Check, Visa, MC. We also have interest free payment programs for some of our programs.