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Ace The Street Dog Transformation

Meet Ace, discovered on a Ugandan highway at a tender age of about four weeks. Having spent the first nine months of his life on a compound in Uganda, Ace embarked on a transformative journey to North America. His arrival, however, revealed a glaring deficit in social skills, particularly in interactions with other dogs—perhaps the most challenging case I had ever encountered. The ensuing months unfolded as a profound learning experience, where my existing dogs took on the role of patient mentors, guiding Ace through the intricacies of canine social etiquette.

In this captivating video, witness Ace's incredible metamorphosis from a socially challenged canine to a well-adjusted member of society in his newfound North American home. The narrative unfolds as a testament to the resilience of canine companions and the power of positive influence in shaping their behavior. Join us in celebrating the milestones, both big and small, as Ace navigates the complexities of canine social dynamics and learns to thrive in his adopted community. Through this detailed chronicle, we aim to highlight the transformative impact of patience, understanding, and a supportive environment in nurturing a once-struggling pup into a confident and well-adjusted member of the household.

From Sinner to saint

Introducing Saint, a 2-year-old male Doberman Pinscher grappling with considerable insecurity, culminating in a concerning incident where he snapped at a family friend. In the upcoming video, Moe and Lauren take the reins to guide you through a journey showcasing the transformative possibilities when you enlist the support of individuals adept at deciphering a dog's body language. More importantly, they provide invaluable insights into the process of instilling confidence in a fearful dog. As we delve into this narrative, we'll explore the nuanced intricacies of Saint's behavioral challenges, the expert techniques applied to navigate them, and the profound strides made in fostering self-assurance within this canine companion. Through this detailed exploration, we aim to underscore the significance of knowledgeable guidance in addressing and overcoming behavioral issues, ultimately paving the way for a more harmonious relationship between pets and their humans. 


For those facing challenges with their rescue dogs, this video demonstrates the transformative power of balanced training in a short period. Michelle, a seasoned rescue dog owner of over 35 years, shares her unique experience with Oscar, a dog that presented unprecedented difficulties. Follow Oscar's five-week training journey with Mango Dogs, witnessing the remarkable changes that occurred for both Michelle and her canine companion. The video highlights specific techniques used to address Oscar's challenges, showcasing the impactful results of balanced training on their relationship. This condensed narrative aims to inspire and offer insights into overcoming rescue dog struggles through dedicated and well-balanced training.


Introducing Roscoe, a 2-year-old male Pittie mix exhibiting significant leash aggression towards other dogs. Prior to undergoing training with Mango Dogs, walking him was an incredibly challenging task. Join us on this transformative journey over the next four weeks as we delve into the process of reshaping his behavior. Witness the remarkable evolution as we guide Roscoe from a state of difficulty to a point where he comfortably engages in group classes, surrounded by 22 other dogs. The commitment to his training has not only addressed his leash aggression but has also paved the way for newfound social interactions and enhanced canine companionship. Through this narrative, we aim to showcase the positive impact that dedicated training can have on a dog's behavior and overall well-being.


Meet Georgie, a 2-year-old Terrier Mix hailing from a rescue in Georgia. Despite investing in both group and private training classes before coming to Mango Dogs, his owners found themselves grappling with his leash manners. Georgie's journey, however, took a transformative turn, and today, he stands as a testament to the positive impact of persistent efforts in training. Join us as we unravel the story of Georgie's remarkable metamorphosis, shedding light on the challenges faced, the strategies employed, and the ultimate triumph in achieving a dog that is not only a joy to walk but also a delight to live with. Through this narrative, we aim to highlight the profound difference that dedicated and continued training can make in enhancing the bond between owners and their beloved dogs. 

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Screaming bloody murder

Meet Emma, a 7-year-old rescue dog with an exceptionally strong prey drive. Initially, we prioritized addressing fundamental aspects and delving into the core of her behavioral issue. Emma's intense prey drive had made concentration nearly impossible in the presence of other dogs. Fast forward five weeks, and you'll witness her joyfully frolicking off-leash with one of my dogs. While not every Mango Dog may reach this level of off-leash socialization, we wanted to showcase what's achievable when you successfully pinpoint and tackle the underlying problem. Once we were able to break through, Emma's social skills turned out to be remarkably impressive.

A Big Problem

Meet Leonard, a 10-month-old Great Dane grappling with threatening behavior towards both other dogs and people. This video captures his remarkable transformation in a condensed format.

Witness Leonard's journey as skilled trainers employ tailored strategies to address his challenging demeanor. The video emphasizes the power of dedicated training and understanding in reshaping a dog's behavior via balanced techniques.

Leonard's story is a testament to the potential for positive change with the right approach. Explore the nuances of his transformation, celebrating the small victories and pivotal moments that mark his progress.