100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Most dog trainers don’t offer guarantees.  The reason why is that a dog trainer can’t guarantee that YOU are going to do the work. Just like a personal trainer can’t guarantee that you will show up to the gym.

We assume that everyone coming to us is willing to work train their dog consistently if we show them a better way.

64% of our clients have used 1-6 other dog training services before reaching us. Is it just me or is that NOT Acceptable! Our goal is to be your LAST dog trainer.

We are so confident that you will get great results that we provide a lifetime of ongoing service as needed. If our clients require extra assistance we offer it at no additional cost. If you do the work, we will help you for as long as needed at no extra cost!

Our clients are expected to do just two short sessions per day that are just 10 min per session for a duration of 6 weeks. After that, we transition into maintenance mode, and your time investment is even less. We train you how to train your dog in situations that are already happening. For example. Your friends are already coming over for lunch, we will show you how to integrate our methods into the time you are already investing in your dog.

If you are not happy with the success of your dog, you can get a 100% refund within 30 days of starting your training program! 

****Some exceptions apply, please ask your trainer for more details.