Leash Reactivity 101

Learn How To Read Your Reactive Dog Better, And Learn When To Step In 

CRATE Training 101

In this 34 minute video you'll learn how to properly crate train your puppy or adult dog with stress free techniques. You'll also learn several ways to work your dog threw issues if they are not keen on spending time in their crate. 

How To: Stress free vet adventures

Learn essential tips and techniques to prepare your dog for vet visits, turning anxiety into assurance. This short yet impactful course empowers dog owners with the knowledge and skills to ensure smooth vet appointments. Say goodbye to stress and hello to a positive experience for both you and your beloved canine companion. We hope that you enjoy it!

Pro Tip: Learn to harness the real power of food training

The power of food training is almost never harnesses by dog owners, and just as rarely with dog trainers. Treats can be a good start, but are unlikely to be a game changer if your dog is highly anxious, extremely distracted, or if your dog has little desire for food. How much, when, and where you feed your dog can be a huge game changer if you use this method. 

Teach your dog to swim in minutes

I've taught hundreds of dogs to swim over the years, and most of them were rescues who hated the water. Watch the process with a dog named Moose, it's easier than you think!

Are you the reason your dog Is struggling?

If you're blaming yourself for your dogs behavior you need to watch this video. Learn How To Take Action, Move Forward, And Lose The Guilt