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What Clients Are Saying

My experience with Mango Dogs was excellent! Justin was diligent and timely each week for our training sessions and gave great insights during each lesson to see improvements in my dog's behavior. My dog's (Chip) main issue was resource guarding (whether it was toys, couch, or food) and has now learned to remain calm using the e-collar pressure that Justin has taught us. Chip's overall demeanor is much more calm and collected while on walks and in public places, and especially around other dogs. I HIGHLY recommend using Justin and Mango Dogs for any dog training needs!!

Marissa Martinelli- Bluff Springs TX

I have never met someone more knowledgeable and compassionate about dog training than Justin at Mango Dogs. Makes it easy for anyone to understand and shows how with the correct adjustments, nearly any dog can be a well-adjusted family member for any family dynamic.If you're having issues or think it's a lost cause with your dog, I strongly encourage you to at least talk with Justin and see what he recommends. You will not be disappointed! (Pictured Justin Crawford and Tabby)

Stephen Clarkson - Austin TX

Our Dog Training Programs

All of our programs start in private lessons, and then progress into group training classes so that our clients can maintain their training over the long term. 

We offer a 50% discount for each additional dog in the home!

We'll help you in the comfort of your home! 

All training tools, private lessons, group classes, additional support, TAX, is include in the cost of our programs.

1: Transform Your Dog In 4 Weeks Or Less, Guaranteed!

Is your dog a pain to walk? Terrible with guests at the door? Will not come when called?This program will completely change the way your dog responds to you. 


If your dog has a history of getting into dog fights or has bitten people, we've got your back. We've helped thousands of struggling dog owners with this program. Learn to trust your dog again. 

3: Polite Puppy Training

The absolute BEST way to start off your puppy. If you are having issues already or just want the best adult dog possible. Right there in the comfort of you home!

Book Your Free Dog Training Discovery Call and In-Person Evaluation Now!

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Justin Crawford

I've been professionally working with dogs for most of my life. It all started many years ago when I worked as a veterinary technician. I loved helping but after a while I got burned out from all of the sickness and death (they call that 'compassion fatigue') after several years.

I then started working in dog boarding facilities in the Austin area and quickly worked my way up to management and even ownership. I then transitioned to a role as a trainer for a large dog rescue organization and I loved that as well, but found the rescue world equally as taxing as veterinary work. That leads me to what I've been doing since 2017. Training dogs with issues.

I'm one of the most down to earth, Shirley Temple drinking, dog loving cajuns you'll ever meet. Originally from south Louisiana, I was raised to be respectful, nonjudgmental and trustworthy, but my love for tattoos, and great people have made Austin the perfect home for me since the 90's. Yes, it's niche, but that's just me.

I'm good with people and I'm great with dogs. I have one dog right now, he's the best dog ever. He's super happy, listens well, and isn't a thorn in my side. Yeah he's a rescue, but I don't judge either way. I enjoy working with a rescue Chihuahua mix just as much as I like working with purebred dogs.

I've traveled all across North America and shadowed under some of the best trainers around. I've helped thousands of Texans with their dogs over the years, but I make every client a priority.

If you're tired of getting dragged down the street, tired of the excessive barking, tired of the jumping on people, tired of being sick and tired, get in touch today and I will gladly come over and show you how I can help.

There's absolutely no charge for our initial meeting/evaluation. I'll come by, put a program together for you that will help you achieve the type of peaceful coexistence with your dog that you've been hoping for. I look forward to meeting you and your dog! - Justin Crawford

The Mango Dogs Balanced Approach

As balanced trainers, we are able to take the great aspects from each style of training and utilize it where needed.

We use food, treats, praise, toys to encourage our dogs and our clients dogs to do the things that we want them to do. This type of motivation is particularly important when training fearful dogs and dogs with anxiety.

  • Positive methods are easy and fun for anyone to implement
  • Positive methods keep the dog being trained happy and engaged

Where things fall apart...

  • Positive based methods are un-reliable when the distraction is very high
  • Many of our clients do not want to have to carry around treats for the rest of their dogs life

Positive only training works well... until it doesn't

Our training works in the real world. At your front door. On your walks, at the park, anywhere!

Using Corrections And E-collars

But all is not lost. We can also use corrections to keep your dog accountable and make them more reliable. Corrective techniques are incredible when looking to STOP bad behaviors.

We are e-collar specialists, we can streamline the process for you and make sure that you are using the tool humanely.

We use food, toys praise wherever we can, and correction whenever we must.

E-collar training is an essential part of training hard to train dogs off leash, we routinely train beagles, huskies, even wolf hybrids off leash. It's versatile because it can be used to stop many bad behaviours, and can be used while on leash, off leash, in the house, in the yard, or at the park. 

The e-collars we use have 3 modes. Tone, Vibration, and Pulse Correction. The pulse correction feels like a Tens Unit that chiropractors and physiotherapy clinics use as a muscle stimulator. This pulse correction is adjustable from 1-100 levels which makes it a versatile tool that can be used on dogs of all sensitivity levels.

In you want to learn more about our tools, and techniques, please watch our video HERE.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident that you will get great results that we provide one year of ongoing service as needed. If our clients require extra assistance we offer it at no additional cost. If you do the work, we will help you for as long as needed at no extra cost! ****Some exceptions apply, please ask your trainer for more details.****

30 Day


Exceptions for Reactive/Aggressive Dogs

Despite our extensive work with thousands of dogs annually, there are certain cases we refrain from handling:

Want your dog aggressive dog to go to daycare? Sorry, we can't help with that. Unless your daycare is willing to use the tools and techniques we use. 



WE DO TRAIN MULTIPLE DOG HOMES WITH FIGHTING - All Dogs in the home MUST be trained, no exceptions. These cases can cost from 6-10k depending on the situation

Severe Cases of Separation Anxiety click HERE

Free Call, Price Quote, and In-Home Evaluation

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If you have a spouse, please make sure they can join us for the In-person evaluation!


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