When we contacted Mango Dogs we were at a place where we felt defeated and lost at what we could do and what our future with our dogs looked like. We had such high hopes for our little family but felt so stuck. Let me start by introducing our furry friends:
Izzie and Leo: Izzie is a Rottweiler, Amstaff mix. She has a huge heart, is extremely confident in herself, and is a big diva. She likes to be the center of attention and will certainly pull on your heartstrings. She loves other dogs and people but she came into situations with an intensity that was just too much to handle. Leo is a Potcake. He traveled all the way from the Bahamas to join our family. Leo is very timid and doesn’t trust other people/dogs easily. He loves his family but isn’t very interested in being a social butterfly. Leo doesn’t have a lot of confidence and so he looks to Izzie for advice on how to be a good dog (Not the best role model at the time!) He is such a goof and is extremely affectionate.

Both dogs loved to bark at other people/dogs through the window. They encouraged each other’s negative behaviors. Walking was not something we could even attempt. The pulling, lashing out at others, ignoring basic commands. It was embarrassing and a chore for everyone. New people coming to the house were non-existent. The dogs were too out of control. Both struggled with anxiety and wanted to do what they wanted with no regard for authority. From day one we were amazed at just how much knowledge, the sheer depth, and scope of practice that Justine provided. Justine was extremely patient, and reassuring and was honestly the first person, in a long time, to see our dogs the way we see them and not for their negative behaviors. We noticed an improvement after just the consultation with Justine. The way she interacted with Izzie and Leo and how she gained their trust. We knew right away that we had to have Justine to help our family.

Justine taught us that dog training is about training yourself to give your dog a more consistent, structured lifestyle. Week after week, we kept seeing crazy, dramatic changes in Izzie and Leo. They were listening to our commands, following instructions, and looking to us for guidance. We were able to finally go on walks. Our friends and family were amazed at how obedient they were becoming. Our neighbors stopped turning the other way when we were on walks in the neighborhood. We were doing things that we never could have even dreamed we could do. It was truly renewing our confidence in them and their abilities. Trust me when I say that this training was life-changing for us. It literally took our world and did a complete 180 with it. Justine made us feel so comfortable. She was so encouraging every step of the way, always cheering us on and making sure that we felt equipped to really take on each task. She spent countless hours with us, was extremely organized, and detailed, and was always checking in with us to keep us accountable and on task. Justine truly became a friend to us and our dogs bonded with her as we have never seen before. We looked forward to each training session. It became our lifestyle. Not only are we much happier and able to enjoy our dogs but we have noticed a huge increase in the quality of life of Izzie and Leo. They are finally able to just be dogs.

We would recommend Justine and Mango Dogs to anyone who is feeling like they want to give their dog a better life/future. We talk about our training every single day and tell everyone we meet. People have stopped us on the street and asked how our dogs are so well-behaved and we immediately start gushing over our experience with Justine. The best part is that we feel supported for life. Not only did Justine teach us what we needed to be successful in the now, but we know that we can reach out anytime and still have the same support in the future. If you are on the fence at all, this is your sign to take that leap and make that investment in yourself, your family, and your dogs. You won’t regret it.


Ashley Budd, Halifax NS

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