Mango Dogs has helped us significantly in the process of training out aggressive behaviors in our rescue pup Mango (yes her name is Mango too haha)! About 3 months after bringing her home, we started to notice aggressive barking, lunging, growling, nipping behaviors specifically inside our house in the presence of visitors. We are very social people and we love to have our friends and family come over to our house, but Mango’s sudden aggression began to cause us so much stress/worry that we essentially had to stop having her around our guests. Although she had not bitten anyone, her aggression could have easily led to an injury at any moment. After some time searching for trainers online, we discovered Mango Dogs and they seemed to check all of the boxes in what we were looking to achieve with Mango’s rehabilitation, so we immediately made an appointment with Ted and Amy.

They are both fantastic, to say the least. Ted is abundantly clear in his explanation of each training exercise and how it would benefit Mango. He provides insight into how the dog is thinking/feeling/reacting to training scenarios. He was also able to provide scientific/biological explanations to support his decisions, which we found especially helpful as we really appreciated understanding the “why” behind his training techniques. Safety is a top priority for Ted and Amy, which was made clear to us from the beginning.

When training an aggressive dog, safety was obviously a concern for us. They were able to provide us with a safe and effective training approach that has allowed us to get Mango to where she is today. Mango is now able to greet visitors calmly, she welcomes people into our home without barking or growling. She is able to take treats from guests and she is able to move around the house without a muzzle or leash. Although we are still cautious with her, we have achieved a great level of trust with Mango and feel we have the tools to continuously work with her on becoming the dog we know she can be.

We are so happy with the growth we have seen in her and I’m not sure any other trainer could have given us the confidence Ted gave us from the start. It was never “if she improves”, but always “when she does” from Ted, and he backed that up with results. We would absolutely recommend Ted and Amy from Mango Dogs to any dog owner. Whether it be regular dog training or dealing with aggression specifically, Mango Dogs is the place to go!

Rachel Potter

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