michelle walkingThe struggle is real. You clip the leash on your dog’s collar, open the door, and your heart starts to race. You have avoided this walk for the last 2 hours, telling yourself that if you just wait a little while longer, fewer people and dogs will be out for a walk.

The alarm goes off. It’s 4:30am, and you work at 9am. Enough time to walk your dog before the sun comes up right? No one will be out this early in the morning.

Hi, I’m Ted Efthymiadis, and I help people like you who struggle with weird walking hours syndrome. (WWHS). July 2016 is WWHS awareness month, so it’s important to talk about this topic. Ok, it’s not, that was a fabrication.

Your mind was flooded with positive thoughts of walking your dog down the boardwalk, going camping, and hiking, and now you avoid taking him outside because of the drama you know is waiting. Not to mention the back pain.

I can help you, I was that guy, the guy who had back issues for 6 months from my first dog many years ago. I took him to training, and the trainer said, oh, you just need to stop every time he pulls. 2 weeks later, I couldn’t get 4 houses down the street with a loose leash. The next step when that didn’t work was a plethora of collars and harnesses that hardly helped at all. Or my dogs personal favorite, the “hotdog every two steps method”.

If you are sick and tired of altering your schedule so that you can walk your dog, I am the guy to call. If you are sick of the chiropractic treatments your dog is forcing you into? I’m your guy. If you hate that your neighbors cringe when you walk by with your dog, I’m your guy. I have helped almost 1000 dog owners just like you. I promise not to teach your dog how to do tricks, that’s what youtube is for. I promise to change your life for the better. I promise to have a tissue ready when you shed those tears of joy. I promise I can make your walking dreams come true.

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