I brought Tootsie home at 12 weeks old. Tootsie has always been a people dog, she LOVES attention and is extremely loving and cuddly! The best way to describe her is a big sook! Until Tootsie was two years old she was a social butterfly with other dogs and loved to play! Two years ago Tootsie had her first aggressive incident with a small twelve-year-old dog sleeping in the corner at her daycare. She had never shown any serious signs of aggression and went to daycare weekly! This was extremely upsetting and shocking. I was referred to Mango Dogs by quite a number of people. I decided to take Tootsie to Mango Dogs for an evaluation to see what my options were! 

They took a lot of time explaining and answering all of my questions. They informed me of the cost and what needed to be done. After our evaluation, I couldn’t justify paying a lot of money after my dog only had one incident. I thought I could handle it. Over the next year, Tootsie became worse. She was aggressive towards almost all dogs and I couldn’t let her off-leash or really take her anywhere because I couldn’t control her. She would pull on the leash, growl, and lunge at other dogs. Last year Tootsie had her second and last incident. She attacked my cousin’s one-year-old Pitbull, she would not let go of her and I could not control her. It was traumatizing. I had finally hit rock bottom, which is where Mango Dogs needed me to be. I called the next day and said I don’t care what it costs, it’s either this or she will have to be put down or sent away.

I couldn’t lose my girl. Mango Dogs got Tootsie in immediately. She was extremely stubborn and had zero food motivation. After the training, I couldn’t believe my eyes! I followed all of their directions and it was extremely fun and rewarding to see how everything paid off. It’s been five months since starting to train Tootsie. Would you believe me if I told you she is considered the most docile, well-tempered dog in my whole building of hundreds of dogs big and small! They taught me how to read my dog, how to see signs of her being uncomfortable with situations, how to make her feel she is protected and she doesn’t have to defend herself anymore! My dog is a rock star now!

We play off-leash with other dogs around and she never loses eye contact with me! No pulling, no growling, no aggression, no uncomfortable situations because they taught me how to correct the issue before it even happens. They have an amazing way with dogs and an even more amazing way with people. I would recommend Mango Dogs 100%. They have has made my life enjoyable again and Tootsie is so much happier! Thank you Mango Dogs!

Robynn Lloy

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