After over 40 years of sharing our home with eight different dogs ranging in size from a Pug to Newfs, and often two at a time (Cocker and 166 pound Newf; 130 pound Newf and Boxer; same Boxer and rescue Pug), we considered ourselves fairly skilled in raising and handling our canine companions.  Then we got ourselves a single Brittany who proved to get the better of us. (He may even have been referred to by one family member as “the dog from hell”). His extremely high energy combined with his stubbornness was difficult to handle.  Regular puppy training and classes were having very limited success.  As he grew, the problems with his behaviour grew as well. Trying to calm him when he was overly excited (which didn’t take much) left me with bruises on my hands and forearms on more than one occasion as he mouthed and nipped me with more pressure than any dog should ever use on a human (other than possibly a fleeing criminal). After six months, we were left feeling frustrated and defeated and were at the point of seriously considering returning him to the breeder.

Hoping for one more shot at keeping our pet who we loved but could not control, we contacted MangoDogs.  It was the best move we ever made.

Ted and Amy are highly skilled in dealing with dogs as well as the people who own them.  We got no judgement from them, only solutions to our problems. We were given professional guidance on the proper use of an e-collar and step-by-step instruction in every detail of training.  Amy was our personal trainer with Schooner and showed us various methods to deal with each issue we had and we could then choose which method best fits our lifestyles.

The transformation over a number of weeks in our relationship and home life with our dog was nothing short of amazing! Even our four cats benefited.

Being able to walk Schooner without being dragged like a rag doll or being able to play with him without being jumped on, chewed on, or tangled and/or tripped by his long line (which was necessary otherwise he’d just run like the wind) was such a gift. We can now even call him off chasing the deer that frequently visit our apple trees. Our trust in him and our enjoyment of him has grown immensely thanks to Amy and Ted.  And we expect it will only continue as we take advantage of their weekly pack walks on Saturdays over the next six months. Their level of commitment to helping people and their pets and their long-term availability and expert advice makes the investment in their training program priceless!

My family and I would not hesitate to give MangoDogs the highest praise and a 100% wholehearted recommendation to anyone having problems living harmoniously with their canine companion.  You will be thanking them (and yourself) for changing chaos into controlled calmness and for showing you how to give yourself and your dog a happier life.

Janis Tenna

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