We found Jilly at a rescue in Amherst NS . When we brought her home we quickly found out that she had very bad separation anxiety when she ripped apart our door and door frame. She then started to open windows and jump threw the screen. She escaped numerous times.

We had gone to another trainer who had been training only with pure positive techniques and we quickly realized the training was not going to be affective with our dog because her desire for food was very low.Dog Training Halifax NS Canada

We found MangoDogs on the internet and we decided to come to see Ted. At first we were a little skeptical because we had already worked with another trainer and did not get the result’s we were looking for. When we met with Ted, it was obvious he knew how to work with our dog to fix her problems and get her off leash.

Something she was not able to do previously even with the other training we took. We have now been at training for four weeks and she is able to go to the park off leash! Recall was one of the main things we wanted and now we have it, even with distractions! Her separation anxiety is no longer an issue and she doesn’t try to open windows and escape anymore or sneak out the door.

Shauna Newell

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