12512315_10156666358660556_5419250720076512907_nRoxy is my 5-year-old Husky/lab/valley bull mix. We have been together since she was 6 weeks old and truthfully I had no idea what to do with a puppy. I watched a ton of training videos read a bunch of books and showered her with love, toys, and treats. Our first year together was frustrating and I questioned my decision many times if I was the right owner for her.

Her issues with other dogs started at about 2 years old her first being 2 shih tu’s at the vet ran very excitedly to her and she snapped, then progressed to not allowing other dogs to approach her at parks to lunging and reacting, and what I perceived as aggressively trying to get at every dog she saw. This progressed to an incident where a smaller dog ran across the street off-leash to her and she grabbed it. After this incident, I made inquiries to understand better what happens if she was to bite and who is responsible for what in different situations. Bottom line, regardless of the situation I am responsible for my dog no matter what. We struggled for years, staying very sheltered within my neighborhood feeling very trapped. Keeping walks limited to early mornings or just playtime in the yard to burn off energy. Which wasn’t enough.

Then one day something I saw on social media that made me realize if anything were to happen to me I had absolutely no one in my family or friends that could or would take her because of her behavior, which in turn would mean she would have to go to a shelter and that just couldn’t happen. I talked with a few trainers and knew after meeting with Ted that he would be the right person to help us. He explained the reasons Roxy is the way she is (spoiled 🙂 ) and basically did not know how to interact with other dogs and how to fix the problems long term. I needed to become her leader. Over the course of a month, we met with Ted once a week and he taught me how to work with Roxy building her food drive and refocusing her attention on me rather than other dogs. Within 10 minutes of our first session with Ted, we took a short walk passing by a bulldog with no reaction!!! Since we started on this journey Roxy has transformed every day. Which has transformed my confidence in leading her! She now looks to me for direction. Her leash pulling and focus on other dogs have lessened dramatically. I can now enjoy company at my home without her jumping on them when they walk in the door or literally on their heads when they sit or needing to crate her until they leave. She no longer barks at everyone and everything walking by the house and her impulse to chase trucks has improved immensely.

Lannie and Roxy

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