Polite Puppy Training

8 Weeks to 24 Weeks – Duration: 6 Modules

In-Home Puppy Training!

This program will show you how to get control over your puppy so that they are not running your life. Sure they are cute, but they grow up quickly and they can either grow into the perfect family dog, or a holy terror. 

The polite puppy program does not focus on puppy socialization, it focuses on solving behavioural issues and preventing new ones from popping up. 

Our training is one-on-one, with no long waiting list, start right away when its convenient for you.

We're Different (Our Moms Agrees)

1: We Focus On Current Issues
2: We Help Avoid Future Issues
3: Start Right Away
4: Book Your Sessions When It's Convenient For You

I'm Justin Crawford

One of two types of people call me for puppy training. 

1: People who are completely fed up with their puppies bad behavior (usually excessive puppy biting)

2: People who want to have an incredibly well trained adult dog.

If you fit into one of these categories, I can help you turn your little devil into a saint, or turn your mouldable little cutie into a bad-ass adult dog. I'll teach you how to understand why your puppy behaves the way that they do, and help you address their issues in your own home.  

The Road To A Well Adjusted Adult Dog Is Paved With Mango Dogs 

Getting to puppy group classes is difficult. You have to wait several months to get into a class, and it has to jive with your work schedule. Puppy classes usually limit how many humans can come, but not with our training! Bring the whole family. We'll book you in when you have time, and you can start right away. 

We use a balanced training philosophy in our training. This means we use food, toys, praise, treats to encourage good behaviours, and puppy sized corrections for bad behaviours. The food and fun keeps your puppy engaged and enthusiastic, and the corrections keep your puppy accountable and makes their behaviour more reliable. 

Puppies benefit hugely from the laser focused approach in private lessons. You'll have plenty of time to ask questions, and get the one-on-one support that you desire.

Our polite puppy program covers our puppy foundation training, as well as aiding you in overcoming a broad range of issues that you may already be experiencing.

  • Teaching Your Dog To Sit
  • Teaching Your Dog To Lay Down
  • Teaching Your Dog To Stay On Their Bed
  • Coming When Called
  • Teaching Your Dogs To Focus On You
  • Potty Training Help
  • Excessive Puppy Nipping
  • Crate Training (If You Want To Teach This)
  • How To Prevent Issues As Your Dog Matures
what our Clients are saying


Our 8 week old Labrador Retriever, Reese, was a handful. She was a biter. It was cute at first, but as the weeks went by it became more excessive. As she became bigger, it wasn’t so cute anymore. She was breaking the skin, and ripping clothing. Reese also ate very fast, and then grabbed her food dish in her mouth and guarded it.

I signed Reese up for Polite Puppy Obedience Training with Justin. I will be honest, the price was way more than other trainers but I want anyone reading this review to know it is so worth it!

After just one session with Justin, we could see a huge improvement in Reese. The excessive biting was no more. Justin is caring, and knowledgeable. The flexibility of booking one-on-one sessions is great. He went above and beyond to address all our questions/issues with Reese.  

He truly has changed our approach, which has led to a smart, well-behaved 4.5 month old puppy. I encourage anyone who might be hesitant, to make the investment. You won’t regret it - we certainly don’t! 

Greg and Mary Marchant

Cedar Park, Texas


Izzy pulled at the leash, jumped on people/dogs/counters, and we also wanted a dog we could walk confidently off leash around other dogs.

We loved that we could involve the whole family in the training. After the first session we noticed a huge improvement in Izzy’s behaviour. We have now finished our in-home sessions and have a lovely, well-behaved family dog! We enjoyed our training a great deal. Justin adapted to our specific needs and were patient, helpful and very knowledgeable. Thanks Mango Dogs. :)

Tamy Amoroso

Austin, Texas

Under 6 months of age:

Our puppy modules typically start off with 6 weeks of puppy modules mixed with in-home training visits, video sessions, follow up phone calls. We will cover systems/boundaries catered to your lifestyle, foundation obedience, socialization, & health/nutrition.

Over 6 months of age:

Advanced Training Once your puppy reaches the 6 month mark, we begin transitioning into advanced training.

1. Mastering the leash walk: You will be able to walk your dog nicely on a leash anywhere, in any environment past major distractions (other dogs, people, busy parks, etc)

2. Thrive Off-Leash with confidence your dog will come back to you: have your dog off a leash to play ball at parks, hiking or on trails, run around at the lake or beach, etc.

3. Have Good Manners: No jumping on people, chewing on your couch, excessive barking, or any other behavior problems.

Group Classes are provided for 12 months. An e collar is used in this program & provided for you.

Price for training from 8 weeks to 7 months + 12 months of group classes is $3500.00 (20 months of training in total!)

The Mango Dogs Free Puppy Evaluation

Step 1.

Fill Out The Evaluation Form (Link Below)

It only takes a few minutes so that we have all of your basic information on file which helps Justin prepare for your call. 

Step 2.

Your Free 15-30 min Discovery Call

We'll talk about your pups training goals, how our training and programs work, and book you in for a free at home evaluation in your home if we think that you'll be a good fit for our puppy training program.

If you have a spouse, please make sure they can join us on our call!


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