I believe in investing in experiences and my time with Mango Dogs continues to pay off through the enjoyment of daily life with my dogs, Gemma, and Lucy. Before training, I couldn’t enjoy my dogs off-leash and didn’t have full control of them. In addition, my two young dogs liked to wrestle in the house. Sometimes I felt like my house was a jungle gym for dogs.

Mango Dogs and working with Amy Donovan (she is fabulous and my dogs love her too!) has been a game-changer. Being able to train both dogs at once is an added bonus. I am now able to support my dogs appropriately to ensure their safety and life is much more fun! Off-leash walks are stress free and my house is peaceful when I need it to be.

I would strongly recommend Mango Dogs with Ted & Amy. I was referred by a good friend who also had her dog trained with Ted years ago. I plan to pay it forward with my friends as well as through sharing this post. Mango Dog training is an investment in daily experiences that will bring you more smiles and positive memories than you can truly appreciate unless you have engaged in the training.

Verity Turpin

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