Before reaching out to Mango Dogs, I was at my wit’s end with my dog’s behavior. I never imagined how quickly my life and the life of my dog would be transformed after working with Ted.

A few shorts months ago, I would not bring Nova around any new people/dogs due to her reactive behavior – lunging, barking, snarling and overall embarrassing social skills. We went for walks at 10 pm or later to avoid everyone, vet visits were very difficult, and enjoying any public space together was out of the question. I truly believed that I had the worst dog ever and that I was going to have to rehome her. It broke my heart to even think of that situation.

THANKFULLY, MANGO DOGS SAVED US. I am extremely grateful for it every day. After attending private sessions with Ted and group walks that allow Nova to be around numerous dogs at a time, we are now enjoying our own walks in the daylight, we’ve expanded our social circle (both canine and human) and I am no longer fearful of her behavior/reactivity. I now get compliments on how great Nova is and I look forward to all our new adventures.

Training in 100% worth it. You deserve it and more importantly, your dog deserves it. You won’t regret working with Ted. I cannot say enough great things.

Shiona Wright

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