We got our dog Isobel, a rescue dog from Labrador, when she was 10 weeks old.  When we got her she had some behavioral issues we had to deal with. Izzy pulled at the leash, jumped on people-dogs-counters, and we also wanted a dog we could walk confidently off leash around other dogs. Ted worked with the whole family and taught us how click here to address each issue. After the first session we noticed a huge improvement in Izzy’s behavior, she was no longer pulling on the leash!

Dog training Halifax NS Canada

We have now finished our private sessions and have a lovely, well-behaved family dog! We all enjoy walking Isobel and are confident walking her around other dogs and people on and off leash. We enjoyed working with Ted a great deal. He adapted to our specific needs and he was patient, helpful and very knowledgeable.
Phillip, Jennifer, Tessa, Mark and Isobel f

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