We adopted our rescue dog Lucky, from South Korea in August last year. Lucky was bonded to me in a few months but he was still skittish to my partner even 6 months after we adopted him. It was impossible for my partner to even put a leash on Lucky without my help. Lucky bit my partner a few times when he tried putting a leash on. I was worried when I was out and I had to be ready to be back home any minute. Lucky was always running away from my partner at home. We tried lots of treats as positive enforcement training but did not work out.

I was searching for a dog trainer and found Mango Dogs. We did a few phone consultations with Ted and moved on to the training with Taylor. All the methods from Ted and Taylor combined together and worked like magic. Lucky became a different dog in a month. Lucky is not skittish to my partner and always comes for a leash. Now my partner can pet and even kiss Lucky.

We never imagined this could happen. Also, Lucky was very reactive to other dogs while walking. He lunged, barked, and nipped but he walks like an angel after training with Taylor. Now We actually enjoy walking with Lucky. We highly recommend Mango Dogs. We could not be happier. Thank you very much, Ted and Taylor. -Ellie, Dave + Lucky

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