Before training, we were a nervous wreck taking her anywhere. She is a very reactive Texas Healer (cattle dog mix). One day she ran out of the house and nipped another dog on the butt. She would jump on guests coming into the house and go crazy on walks. When walking her, she would pull and bark at other dogs and people.

After training, it has been more enjoyable walking her. We don’t have to stress about her lunging at other people or dogs. Justin has done an excellent job teaching us how to control and work with our dog. I’m going, to be honest, I was skeptical at first but after each week I became more amazed by the training techniques. The lesson plan is easy to follow, but it’s important to do your homework throughout the week. It makes a huge difference to follow through.

Thank you Justin for doing an amazing job at teaching us and our dog Koda. She has learned to give space and respect other dogs like yours. I would recommend Mango Dogs to anyone having dog behavioral issues.

Jennafer Chew and Koda

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