Hey Ted! Since it has been weeks since we were last at group social I thought I’d just send you a quick note to let you know Matt, Luna and I are doing great! We have just been super busy enjoying the summer. We have been away with Luna on a few weekend trips, surf trips, beach days, etc. We are still training with her meals each day, and making time for doggy play dates several times a week. Dog Training Halifax NS Canada

Honestly, we have been taking her everywhere! It feels great to be ambassador for the Shepherd breeds- we have had so many people tell us they didn’t like or trust Shepherds until they met Luna. Because she is so calm and balanced it really makes an impact on people.
So thanks again for all the tools and lessons. As silly as it sounds, Matt and I built our bond and the foundation of trust in our marriage from countless days at the beach. This summer we have been building that same bond and trust with Luna because we have the tools to do it now. It’s really amazing.
Thanks a million!
-Deanna White

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