I adopted my dog Gino when he was 3 years old and he is so sweet, but he was sooo poorly behaved. He didn’t listen to any commands other than sit. He would not come when called unless I had a treat and even then it was iffy. It was embarrassing I couldn’t take him anywhere as he would be unpredictable- sometimes lunging, barking and howling at other dogs and not redirectable/controllable when this happened.

He would also pull on leash so bad it made walking him beyond aggravating.

After 2 months with Lauren and Mango Dogs, I literally don’t recognize this dog.

He follows every command, doesn’t pull on the leash and is able to run off leash at the park and come back when I call him. All without treats (of course he gets treats but he listens regardless!!). We’ve gotten so much closer as a pair because of this. He’s so much more respectful. I can bring him in public and know that I’m in total control. If you’re thinking that you need to find training that actually works in all situations, look no further.

It is soooo worth the time and money. I will train all my future dogs this way!!! Thank you Lauren and Mango Dogs, you’ve truly made both Gino and my lives happier!

Tori Lundblad and Gino

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