We adopted a 2 year old Boxer named Tyson, he was “free”. Nothing in life is free, and Tyson was no exception. He came with a host of problems, skin allergies, separation anxiety, no manners, dog aggression and above all Tyson was a nightmare to walk! Tyson also thought kennels were for other dogs, not him. Tyson’s only redeeming qualities were he was really cute and he didn’t chew shoes. Dog Training Halifax NS Canada

I still remember writing my first email to Ted; I had been home alone with our little treasure for two days and I was at the end of my rope. Ted responded immediately, much to my relief. We set up a date for Ted to assess Tyson and he brought his well mannered Belgian Shepherd, BB to show what a well trained dog was capable of. We were very impressed with Ted’s philosophies and BB’s manners, so we decided Ted would be our dog trainer.

We decided on lifetime enrollment as the thought of having support at whatever stage Tyson was at in his life was a big bonus. So the lessons started and progressed very quickly, Ted is a very knowledgeable and humane trainer. He always answered my calls for support and made the training fun for both us and Tyson. Ted went to great lengths to insure we were doing well between visits and was very supportive and encouraging.

Tyson has come a long way since we started training. His manners are much improved, he runs to his kennel when asked and I can walk him by myself without fear of being pulled off my feet. His dog aggressive is no longer and he is a pleasure to take anywhere.

We are now attending group classes on Saturday afternoon, because we love to socialize with other dogs and their owners. Ted has helped us turn our misfit into a wonderful companion. Ted we cannot thank you enough for all your guidance, support and assistance. This company offered us a solution, where other trainers could not.

We think You Guys Are The Best!

Sincerely – Sue, Brent and Tyson

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