Jen and Derick recently sent Coco, a lab, to be trained with Ted. This is the e-mail that followed after Coco returned home. Dog Training Halifax NS Canada

After training with Ted, the difference in our dog is amazing. We don’t use the leash to take her out to use the bathroom and she doesn’t bolt and take off like she used to. She was out to play with her doggie friends today and everyone was taken back to see her not on a leash. When I called her and she came to me, and their jaws just dropped   (because they would help me chase her for 45min to an hour), lol! She didn’t jumped on anyone, not even my Dad, and she would go crazy with excitement over him. No one can believe it is Coco. We can actually call her Coco now and not CooCoo, LOL! To say we are happy about the training you did with her would be an understatement. You saved her life (by her not getting hit by cars when she would run away) and our sanity. We can enjoy her now; we look forward to taking her to play fetch instead of getting prepared for an hour long chase. Ted, She will be excited to see you again on Saturday at group class!

Thanks again!

Janice, Derick Schultz

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