Before training with Mango Dogs Carolinas, my dog Brady had been “trained” by two other trainers. I had resigned to just not walking him as their methods were not enough for him. He is very reactive towards other dogs which made walking in public impossible. I saw a recommendation on Next Door for this trainer and I liked what I read on their website. So, I decided to give Moe a call and go for the consultation. I was impressed by the promise to be with us for the long haul if we did the homework that would be assigned after each session.

My husband and I decided to give Brady one more chance.

Today was our first session in a park, after our 4 weeks of at-home training, where we walked past several dogs with not one act of reactivity. Brady barely gave the dogs a passing glance. Not only is Brady doing way better, but I am also feeling more confident to be able to take him on walks myself. Our trainer is Jared and he is excellent at instilling confidence in the owner. He tells me frequently that I can do this and always tells me when my timing is spot on. I will be finding more parks and walking paths to get Brady out and experience new scenes and scents. I highly recommend Mango Dogs Carolinas. You will certainly get your money’s worth. Your dog will be so much happier for the training. The picture is of Brady, a German shepherd, on week three of training.

Sharon Laliberte and Brady

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