We adopted our adorable border collie Strider at 8 weeks old. We came home proud and excited with the belief that we would be able to train this dog as we had our last dog. However something went terribly wrong, and instead of having a dog who brought happiness and comfort to our family, we were stressed out and began to hate this adorable puppy. It became almost impossible to leave the house because Strider would get into the garbage, eat the carpet, eat the walls, eat beds, eat rocking chairs, etc. Dog Training Halifax NS Canada

Talking him outside was even worse, to the point that upon seeing other people we would run in the opposite direction, sometimes into peoples yards. We got to the point that we thought we had tried everything; puppy obedience school; training books; training videos; various collars; private trainers, and we were considering putting Strider up for adoption. And then we found Ted. Within an hour of Ted being in our home working with Strider we saw a huge change. Now, several months later I can walk around my neighbored without a leash and without fear. We can go to the park, be relaxed and have other dog owners remark on how ‘perfect’ Strider is. Strider still has potential to learn more, and now that we are more confident in our methods, we can teach him more. Without Ted and his training I would still be lost. To anyone considering this method of training my family, Strider and I recommend it 100%.

Emmaline Boutilier

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