I would like to say that Mango Dogs is the best.  It had been a very long time since we had a puppy/dog in our home and it was exciting and scary all at the same time.  We thought we could do it all by ourselves.  Nope! So, we started training when Scout was 8 months old so the bad habits would not worsen.  Ted was great in our evaluation and had control of Scout within 5 mins.  He really has a talent for training animals.  Amy is amazing and was our weekly trainer.  She has a lot of patience and love for dogs.

I love the fact with Mango dogs that you are the priority at all times.  It is about your family and your dog’s needs.  You can email or call when you need a helping hand and once you are ready for group classes you are always welcome.  Off-leash was very important to us as we are outdoor people who love to hike.  Being able to have our dog off-leash and listen at all times with great recall is amazing.  Scout was a very hyper puppy, barker, and did not listen when we started working with Amy.

He is now a year old and I can’t believe it is the same dog.  He is still in training and will be for a while but he is so pleasant to be around and take places now where before he would not listen, he would bark at everyone and be pulling on his leash. Our stress level is very minimal and our enjoyment is at the highest level.  I recommend Mango dogs to everyone.

Wanda Mercier 

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