Our experience with dog training before Mango Dogs was quite frustrating. We went through two trainers and a veterinarian behaviouralist. All of them only wanted to do management training and got me to do things like tarp my fence and other things to stop my dog from seeing things that made him reactive. This isn’t the type of life that my husband and I wanted for our dog and I didn’t want to believe that this was our only option.

Our dog is dog/human reactive and aggressive. He resource guards our house/yard and he pulls, lunges, and growls while on walks. This caused us a lot of stress and at times had us feeling very isolated. With Taylor’s help and guidance, our dog now walks more confidently with much less reactivity and looks to my husband and me with trust in all uncomfortable situations. He makes better decisions because we have successfully been able to bring down his level of intensity enough for him to listen and understand what’s needing to be done at the moment.

They are there for every question you have whenever you want to ask them. They want updates on how training is going throughout the week to make sure things are going well and will use this information to further make your and your dog’s training experience the right one for you. We are excited to be joining the group class this coming weekend and continuing our training with Taylor. We are very happy with our experience with Mango Dogs!

Racheal + Pat D’Amours and Chappy

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