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Danny and I got Shadow back in Oct when he was 8 weeks old.
Before getting him we started watching YouTube videos like Jeff Gellman to see what we could learn before bringing home Shadow.  We picked up the basics and thought we could do it all on our own as most people do. We had a great start on Shadow, but as he got older we knew it was time to find a trainer. With a baby on the way, it was crucial to start his training sooner than later.
We had known that Ted Efthymiadis was one of the top trainers in the city of Halifax so it was a no-brainer to send him a message and see if he could point us in the right direction and that he did. Ted sent Joe Di Profio our way. Joe and I had a good hour-long talk about Shadow and where we would like to be with him for training.
The next week Joe came over to do an evaluation and we all hit it off right away and knew Joe was the perfect fit to help us out with the proper training and tools we needed to train Shadow. We started training within a few weeks and haven’t looked back at all.
Shadow has become a rock star at training thanks to Joe who has also helped us gain the confidence we needed. If Danny and I had a question Joe was right there to answer it and give the best advice he possibly can.
It’s nice knowing that after our private classes we would be joining group class to keep up with the training and to perfect our skills even more with Shadow.
A huge thank you to Joe for being there for us when we needed him. It speaks volumes about the kind of company Mango Dogs is. Danny and I highly recommend Mango Dogs to anyone who is thinking about getting training for their puppy or dog.
Ronna Salter
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