“We adopted our dog, a lab/rotti mix, almost two years ago. When we first brought her home things seemed to be going well but it didn’t take long for us to realize she had some behavioural problems and dog aggression that needed attention. She was crazy in the car, pulled on walks, would not come when called, and showed aggression toward other dogs. It got to the point where I dreaded taking her out for a walk as I felt entirely unable to control her. We consulted a couple trainers in the hopes that we could learn how to correct Sammy’s negative behaviours, however, the instruction we received did little to reduce her aggression or improve her obedience.Dog Training Halifax NS Canada

Finally, I came across his website and got in contact with Ted After the very first lesson we saw drastic improvement in Sammy and within one month I was able to walk her with confidence. Ted worked with us one-on-one to teach her basic commands that set the foundation for more advanced training. We progressed through semi-private lessons and on to group classes where Sammy interacts with other dogs off leash. Since we started training with Ted over a year ago we’ve been able to do more with Sammy then we thought possible. We highly recommend MangoDogs and Ted. We now have a dog that we are so happy to have in our lives and we can’t thank Ted enough!”

Kate Calnan and Sammy

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