Teddy is a beautiful three year old male red nosed pit bull.  Teddy came into our home as a foster through a local pit bull rescue.  It was obvious from the beginning we had our hands full and were in over our heads.  Teddy was insecure, leash reactive/aggressive, didn’t know any basic commands or have any manners.  He used to “fence fight” in our back yard with other dogs, bark/whine/yelp non stop, “window fight” in our living room while watching the dogs outside on the sidewalk.  He would freak out in the car-jumping continually from the backseat into the front, even lunging at our windshield one day at another dog while we were driving.  He broke into our fridge on several occasions (forcing us to drill a lock onto the fridge), tore our cupboard doors off to get into the garbage/green bin and stole a ham out of our oven.  He pulled on leash and reacted so aggressively that I couldn’t walk him, Jeff had to do the walks with Teddy tied around his waist and it was a total nightmare. teddy2

We had worked with another trainer for the first 4 months of having Teddy but things weren’t getting any better.  If anything Teddy’s frustration, and ours, was escalating.  We were to the point of desperation when we finally contacted Ted.  He came highly recommended and on our first visit with him we knew he was the trainer to train and rehab not only our out of control pit bull but us as well.  He was always available to answer our questions, give advice and encouragement.

Fast forward to today we have a totally different dog.  Teddy is no longer leash aggressive, he’s as cool as a cucumber when another dog barks at him.  I can actually walk him with ease and I look forward to our walks.  He doesn’t fence fight or window fight, his non stop barking and whining has resolved.  He loves going for rides in the car.  Most importantly he has learned boundaries and Ted has helped  us to give him structure and balance.  He goes to group class every Saturday with many other dogs Ted has trained/rehabbed (which is something we could never have imagined).  He has had successful play dates and meet and greets with my sister in laws two dogs and one of Ted’s own dogs, Neekah.

Teddy is our special little man and if it wasn’t for Ted’s knowledge, guidance and help I can’t say 100% for sure that Teddy would still be a member of our family.  He has finally settled into life here with us, his permanent family, and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Candi Crowell and Jeff Harvey

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