My family and I found Ted and Amy @ Mango Dogs after our dog’s behavior became way out of hand. Our dog Maze is 100 lbs; a mixed breed bull terrier and lab, about 2 years old at the time. Maze pulled on walks and he was utterly uncontrollable, especially when other dogs came around. I mean, really uncontrollable; full-on barking, growling, snarling, and lunging.

Maze’s behavior had grown so bad that my family and I experienced trepidation when it came time for his daily walk. In addition to being unable to control him, we became worried Maze was developing a bad reputation around our neighborhood. I thought to myself, “I really love Maze, and he’s a good dog,” but our relationship was quickly becoming more about the stress caused by his poor behavior, and less about the fulfillment and the companionship that comes with dog ownership.

That’s when we finally approached Ted and Amy @ Mango Dogs. At first, I didn’t really think that anything could be done – I was hopeless – but upon our first meeting and consultation with Ted, I finally found hope. In that meeting, Ted took Maze through some exercises to assess Maze’s responses to certain stimuli and social situations. Ted shared his insight and offered clarity by explaining how Maze is making his decisions and offered tips on how to begin to curb Maze’s behaviour.

We stuck with Ted and Amy @ Mango Dogs ever since, and even after all this time, they continue to encourage us to message or have a dialogue with him and Amy regarding any questions about our dogs and about the techniques that we learn in class. I’ve come to Ted and Amy with specific questions on numerous occasions, always to come away with a greater understanding of Maze and insight.

Maze has grown in his attentiveness and discipline. My family enjoys our time with him, and I look forward to our daily walks with Maze. We thank our lucky stars that we meet Ted and Amy at Mango Dogs, and their techniques, guidance, and insight have truly increased not just the quality of life for Maze, but that of my families as well by helping us reclaim a healthy, loving relationship with our big 100-pound dog..!

Thank you Mango Dogs!

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