My husband and I adopted our three-year-old shepherd, Keiser just over two years ago. We were so excited. We had just bought our first home and within a week we adopted this adorable one-year-old pup from a life of abuse and neglect. We got Keiser home and within hours we were looking at each other so confused about what we just brought into our home. Keiser was human aggressive, incredibly destructive, and had absolutely no manners. This led to leather chairs, queen size mattresses, walls, and doors all being destroyed by this “adorable pup.” Keiser had to be locked in a bedroom when my husband wasn’t home after he got away from me and ran after a little dog on the street. At that point, I had no idea what he would have done. Thankfully, I grabbed him before anything happened.

My vet watched me get pulled into the lobby by Keiser and suggested I get some training ASAP! No other trainer we called would even meet us after explaining Keiser’s issues. We called Mango Dogs and thankfully they agreed to meet us! Within a month we had a different dog. The days of crying to my husband on the phone being scared of this dog had ended. I had NO idea what I was getting into. Mango Dogs taught us everything we needed to know to survive with Keiser and SO much more. Fixing the issues such as leash walking, destructive behaviors, and aggression was just the beginning. Keiser is now trained 100% off-leash.

Not only does he not react to other dogs, he can play in our yard off-leash while other dogs walk by and not even blink an eye. I honestly can say I have a different dog than the dog we brought home over two years ago. Keiser comes everywhere with me. He doesn’t need a leash. With his e-collar training, he will stay right beside me. It is the most amazing feeling to have other dogs react to him and have him sit beside me and look up at me as to say, “Man that dog is a jerk.” Tucson is my almost nine-year-old shepherd. It will be two years since Tucson joined our family this October. 

Mango Dogs saved his life. He was so dog aggressive he was unable to stay in foster care. Both dogs welcomed our cat Charlie into our home, love daycare, and have also welcomed many foster brothers and sisters into our home. I could not be prouder of the two of them. I say it all the time, Mango Dogs saved both Tucson and Keiser’s lives. They gave me a relationship with my boys that I didn’t know was possible. I will forever be thankful to them for all they have done for us. Whenever I hear someone is having trouble with their dog I am the first to pipe up with, “Call Mango Dogs” -Rebecca Jenkins 

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