Jupiter the Border Collie

Jupiter is an active Border Collie puppy but we were noticing some destructive behaviours that were giving us trouble. He would tear around the house, chewing and destroying the kids’ toys, or anything else he could find.  He never settled down in the house; he didn’t know how to just “be” for periods of time.  He was also getting a bit growly and bossy with the kids, and perhaps the most challenging thing about him: he chased cars; we couldn’t have him outside with us unless he was on a leash

He’s 100% different now! He’s calm in the house and does as I ask him.  He sits on “place” for extended periods of time when I ask and doesn’t run all over the house like he owns it. He no longer chases cars; doesn’t even think of doing it.  We can also now walk him off leash without any worry.

We took Jupiter to one training session that emphasized “positive” reinforcement while ignoring “negative” behaviours. It was a dismal failure and waste of our money.  Jupiter wasn’t food motivated in the least, and he got very aggressive around other dogs.  The trainer actually embarrassed me by telling me, in front of the entire class, “you have a Border Collie, unless you have him in some dog sports he’s not going to be a good family dog”.  Ted’s approach is 100% the opposite: while he emphasizes praising for good behaviours, he reminded us that the dog needs to know what we want him to do, and most importantly, what we don’t want him to do.  Once I (as the owner) really began to understand this concept, the rest was easy.  Jupiter is such a different dog now; can’t thank Ted enough!!!

Mango Dogs was a true lifesaver.  The training we received from Ted is so applicable to any dog at any stage, at any time.

Greg Taft

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