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If you are struggling with your Doodle, scroll down and find a certified trainer near you. We can help, and at the end of the day, all of our trainers have 24/7 access to me if you have a difficult case on your hands. I’m here to help. Mango Dogs owners, Ted Efthymiadis.

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Labradoodles and Goldendoodles who suffer with reactivity, aggression issues and behavioral issues.

As a dog trainer who specializes in working with reactive and aggressive dogs, I see doodles very commonly. One might suggest that this is because there are such a large number of these dogs in my area and I think that that is definitely part of the equation. Another thing to keep in mind is that oftentimes these dogs are referenced as being dogs that need very little training and are amazing with humans of all types and other dogs as well.

While this is often the case, of course, it is not the entire truth.

The vast majority of golden or Labradoodles that we see have very little obedience training and most of them stop training after puppy training. The general thought seems to be that because they are such great dogs they will not need training. This has only been made worse in the last year-and-a-half because of covid. Many breeders have been producing dogs of lesser quality in an effort to produce more dogs to fill the demand that has come with these challenging times.

With the doodles, we tend to see very bratty over the top behaviors. We call this problem “All Gas No Brakes?”  They tend to have more issues around other dogs because they don't listen to other dogs' cues very well sometimes and can be obsessive about trying to force other dogs to play. This for obvious reasons can get them into trouble at times.

Sometimes we see them being human aggressive because oftentimes people think that a doodles should deal with anything any human or dog tries to do to them and this can be problematic with more sensitive doodles. Don't force your dogs to be social with people or dogs that they are uncomfortable with unless you really know what you're doing, or you could make things worse. Around grooming, this is an area where we often see issues with doodles and nail clipping.  Start at a young age and keep your sessions short and make things very fun. Just because your dog is doing well at a young age it doesn't mean you should stop making the grooming or nail clipping time fun and exciting for your dog.

All dogs have the ability to show aggression regardless of breed. Don't assume that your dog will be fine with everything that happens to them in the world because this is not always the case.

If you have a Doodle and need help, all of these things are fixable with the right tools and training. So reach out to your local mango dogs trainer (link below) and we would love to help!

From Reactive And Easily Distracted To Family Stud Muffin

We went to Mango Dogs because our dog wasn’t very predictable – sometimes he would be great off leash, other times he wouldn’t come back when called. Some times he was great on leash, other times he would pull our arm off and bark at other dogs, he would also lunge at kids when we were on walks. Some times he would play great with other dogs and other times he would play really rough.

After a few private sessions with our trainer Ted, we were able to address many of these behavior issues and so much more! Our dog is so much more predictable now. We can walk him off leash and know he will come back when called. Ted helped us set up boundaries in our yard so Gus knows the area he has to stay in. We gained control on leashed walks, he no longer pulls or barks at other dogs. We also came to the realization that maybe dog parks aren't the right spot for our dog to play.

We now have the tools and knowledge to address any other behavior concerns we come across, and the confidence to handle our dog. Ted also continued to be available for our questions long after we finished our training! Definitely recommend!!

Carolyn Poirier

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