Rolo is 5 years old and all things chocolate labs are supposed to be; hyper, fun, goofy, lovable, etc.   But, he was also stubborn and unruly.   We had tried puppy obedience classes when he was small, he pulled so badly we couldn’t get him into the classroom and inside, he was too distracted to learn anything.   The classes didn’t seem to help at all and to be honest, I’m not sure we “passed” them.   We had a private trainer in two different times over the years, we learned basic obedience, but Rolo was dominant and stubborn, it took him weeks to give in to the down command. I tried books, videos and searched the internet for help.   We had different collars, leashes, halties and harnesses.   Over the years, we’ve adapted our lives around Rolo’s issues.   Moving across the street away from other people and dogs while walking, not taking him to places like the lake or the park, keeping him fenced in the yard because he’d run as soon as he’d realize he wasn’t leashed, and putting him outside or in another room when company came because he’d jump all over them.   It was embarrassing to have people in, it was embarrassing to take him out.   The last straw came when we had to take him to the vet and his behavior landed us in a private room away from everyone else. I was feeling desperate to have some control over my life and this dog, and found Ted during one of my internet searches.  Dog Training Halifax NS Canada

Ted and I met and her gave us an evaluation, explained his methods and left all the information I needed.   At first, I was very skeptical, I had tried a lot of things so far and wasn’t convinced this was going to work.   But, after talking to Ted some more, I decided to go ahead, and the results have been amazing.   Rolo now plays in the front yard while I shovel snow without a fence!   He’s been skating with us for the first time and never once wandered off, not even when two large dogs showed up.     He has been learning to greet people without scaring them, and has advanced enough to take him off leash in Point Pleasant Park.   We still have a lot to learn, but I’m confident we can master it.   We even made it to the vet without being removed from the waiting room!!   Ted is awesome, he understands what each dog needs, he’s available whenever you need him and is always encouraging.   I have never felt embarrassed over my dogs behavior with Ted and am impressed on how quickly the results were seen with his direction and support.   I’m really looking forward to summer, cottages, lakes and beaches, Rolo is loving his new freedom!!

Holly Flemming 

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