My boxer, Finnegan is the joy of my life. He is a goofy boy that makes me laugh every day. He loves to cuddle and just be with me. I bring him to the office everyday and anywhere else I go. Being a boxer, he was extremely excitable, he jumped on people, knocking them over. He’s given people cuts and bruises and kids were bowling pins, how many could he knock down. Since he turned one he became very dominant and aggressive towards other dogs. I had no control over him. We walked in point pleasant park every day and it started to turn into a nightmare.  Another co-worker brought her dog into the office and it turned into a really nasty dog fight. I jumped in and got them apart. I was so lucky that no one was hurt, including myself! 10422009_10152838775206253_6462980456585062920_n

I started looking up dog trainers online and found Ted. I watched all their videos and read all their testimonials. I had more problems with Finnegan than I realized. I wanted a dog that I could bring everywhere. I love hiking and walking in the park. Right then, I could not do any of that.

I gave Ted a call and had the free evaluation. I was amazed. He had more control over my dog than I did and they just met. After meeting his dogs and watching all the videos of previous clients on his website. I knew he was the best. I wasn’t going to go with just any trainer.

Since training, I have the most amazing dog! I can now take him everywhere with no worries. I went from not trusting my dog to trusting him 100%.  His social skills are amazing. He has turned into a chameleon. He adjusts his play with old, young, disabled and small dogs.  If I don’t want him to say hi to a certain dog all I have to do is say “heel” and we walk right by. It has been 6 months and no fighting with other dogs. I get at least 2-3 dogs a week in the park that lunge at him and try to fight. The look on his face is priceless, “Mom, that dog is crazy!”. He always walks away from fights and comes to me for protection. He is now great with kids and doesn’t knock them over. He’s extremely gentle with my 6 month old nephew, and I have complete trust in him with the baby.

We attend group class regularly for maintenance and I have met some really great people. Finnegan has made some great doggie friends. He even plays with another boxer from class that he tried to attack multiple times before! It is such an awesome feeling to see your dog completely change. Every day he does something that makes me proud of him. And every day I have complete strangers compliment on how well trained he is! Our lives have completely changed for the better because of Ted and MangoDogs.

I can’t thank you enough Ted!

Tara Finnegan

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