Before Mango Dogs, my German shepherd Lana was a nightmare to take on walks. She would pull and lunge at other dogs, people, bikers, etc. She was mouthy. I felt hopeless and was considering giving her back to the shelter. After just 4 weekly lessons with Justin, she is able to control her impulses and excitement 1000 times better. I’m now able to walk her off-leash around strangers and dogs. It does not change their fundamental personality but just helps give them the tools to manage their impulses when they need to. Now that she has graduated from private classes, I’m excited to attend the year of weekly group classes. You can tell Justin truly loves dogs and has incredible patience. He gives honest advice and helps break down each problem to its source. Highly recommend mango dogs to anyone with a reactive dog or who feels like their dog’s behavior is a lost cause. Worth the money!!!

Devin Rajan

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