Life is not always about making the easiest decisions, because the easiest thing we could of done was give our dog back to the sildenafildosage breeder. He came with issues and for whatever reason they were there. Some were reinforced by not knowing how to deal with his issues. Some issues got better some worse. He lunged at people, nipped, it was if he had a invisible bubble and no one could get too close. Jumped on us, had to be put in crate when anyone came over. Muzzling him was not the answer long term. Friends and Family just stopped coming over. We never experienced this before and of course did not know how to deal with it. We needed to stop the aggression.
Dog Training Halifax NS CanadaHe went to obedience training the issues were still there. Another trainer said to give him 4-6 weeks if we did not see improvement we should euthanize. Euthanize, he was not ill, he is a healthy dog with issues, to us it would of been a execution. We just euthanized a dog last year that was full of cancer. That was the humane thing to do . All I can say is we called Ted from MangoDogs and improvement started right away. With positive reinforcement and the right skills our dog is getting better each day. For all you dog lovers and dog rescues our dog would most likely not be alive today if it was not for Ted and most owners would of given up on him along time ago. I was reluctant to use the assistance of the e-collar in training because of all the crap you hear but was open minded and gave it a go. Our dog’s anxiety level has decreased dramatically, people can come to our house, life is getting back to normal . Ted we owe you our dogs life. Karma my friend is on your way.

Patty Mullins

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