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Our Dog Training Programs At A Glance

Transform Your Dog In 4 Weeks Or Less

If your dog has behavioral issues, won't come when you call them, and is terrible on leash walks... TYD45 will be a game-changer!

Aggression Rehabilitation

Things are out of control and you need someone to step in and help make your dog safe again. This program has helped 1000's.

Mango Dogs Is Different

1. Our trainers are mobile and will travel to your home to help you with your dog

2. We use training methods that actually work so that our clients can properly control and trust their dog, even in highly distracting situations

3. All of our trainers are certified to professionally train with puppies, off leash training, behavioral issues and reactivity/aggression

4. We continue to help ALL of our clients for at least one year to ensure that they are happy over the long term

5. All of our clients start off in private one-on-one classes and then have access to group classes for maintenance and distraction proofing

What Dog Owners Are Saying

Mango Dogs helped me completely transform my English bulldog, Romeo. Before training, he was constantly jumping on people, misbehaving, and breaking people’s property. Now he’s so well trained, and I can take him places without worrying how he’s going to react. Both Moe and Jared were excellent trainers. Highly recommend!

Charlie Castillo Charlotte NC

Being a Shepherd Husky cross she is a highly intelligent yet rambunctious breed. We noticed an immediate improvement after our first meeting. Akira has now gone from a lunging, pulling people down, not listening canine who had several instances of bad interactions with people and dogs to a well behaved responsive lady we knew she was inside. Now we can take her for walks, meet new people and dogs without having to wrestle her! I highly recommend Mango Dogs for all your furbaby issues.

Jenna White Halifax NS

Before seeing Lauren at Mango Dogs, our dog would bark at other dogs and pull on the leash. Since starting our lessons these behaviors have greatly improved. This has allowed us to have a greater trust in our dog and has been a positive experience. Would highly recommend!

Julie Graham San Diego CA

If Your Dog Has Issues, We Have Solutions!

Is Walking Your Dog(s) A Hassle?

Pulling on the leash is something we can help with usually in just a few sessions. If your dog(s) barks or lunges at other dogs, people, or cars, we can help too!

Rover... COME!

If your dog(s) won’t come when they are distracted, we can help. We’ve helped countless dogs like yours, even hard to train dogs like the northern breeds, hounds, beagles, etc. Off-leash walks don’t need to be stressful! We can help!

Rover, Just Walk Away

If your dog(s) are fighting with other dogs and you just can trust them anymore, we can help you learn to control them so that you won’t be stressed every time you leave the house.

Chill Out Rover, It's Just Grandma

Dogs who are insane when guests come to your house can be made to be calm, without excessive barking, and can keep all four paws on the ground.

Get Down Rover!

If your dog(s) jumps up on people or steals food from your counters, we can help with these issues too!