John is absolutely amazing! When my husband and I first met him, we had an instant connection. He saw how much we wanted to help our dog. We have a 6 y/o reactive pit bull, who has an aggressive past. We thought getting a puppy would help him, and make him nicer, more patient, and kind. We definitely were in over our heads. No way we could get Rey where he needed to be without the help of John. The evaluation was very helpful, John was able to fully diagnose Rey, and I even cried a bit because of how much hope John had for Rey when I thought all hope was gone. Rey couldn’t go on walks without barking, whining, and pulling on his leash non-stop to other dogs, rabbits, and really anything that had legs. We could never bring other dogs around him, or bring him out because of how he acted. Not only were we afraid of what he might do, but we were also embarrassed by how he acted in public. We live in an apartment complex, and everybody knew who we were on walks because of him. Our neighbors walked in the opposite direction away from us, it was bad. Now a short 4-5 weeks later, all the hope John saw in Rey, we see. We see how much better he is. He comes on command, and stays right by us during off-leash training and sessions. On top of that, going on walks has improved drastically.
John has been so patient and kind throughout the whole process. When he says he’s there for you and your dog for a better life, he means it. He’s a whole new dog, and we couldn’t be more happy with the results.
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