Ted Efthymiadis – Halifax NS Canada


Ted and his dog’s! Neekah, Dax, BB.

Hey Guys! I am absolutely consumed with rehabilitating aggressive dogs. My love for dogs led me to study dog obedience & behavior with Tarheel K9. I have trained with many of the highest level dog trainers in North America and have traveled North America many times honing my skills since 2009. I hold a constant client base, rehabbing roughly 120 dogs a year, and also travel across Canada holding seminars for other dog trainers. I have an awesome wife, insanely cute baby daughter and three incredible dogs, Neekah, Dax, and BB. I live in beautiful Brookside NS and serve Halifax regional municipality.

I’m a proud professional member of the international association of canine professionals. Have you ever heard someone say, “Dog training is more about training the people?” I know that all too well, which is why I formulate a program specific to each client and dog to ensure maximum, lasting results. Many consider me as a well rounded, open minded dog trainer. I have rehabilitated aggressive dogs of all breeds, trained countless hard-to-train breeds to be off leash and I don’t consider dog training a career. It’s a lifestyle. I am very proud of the fact that my clients are rarely just clients, many of them become good long-term friends.

I help people trust their dogs again. 90% of the people who contact me think their dog is the worst of the worst. It’s incredibly rare that I can’t help a dog. I have rehabilitated more aggressive dogs than anyone on the east coast of Canada.

“I am the guy to call for off-leash reliability, leash reactivity, serious behavioral issues, separation anxiety and aggression services.”

Free Evaluation: 

If you are interested in my services you will need to start by filling out our online assessment for potential clients who are looking into my rehabilitation / behavioral services. I will then email you a rough price estimate and if you want to meet for a free evaluation at my facility we can then meet in person with your dog/dogs. The evaluations are held at my facility on my property in Brookside NS. I look forward to meeting and helping you guys!

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Phone: 902 489 4269

Email: ted@mangodogs.com

Hours of operation:

Monday to Saturday : 10:30am to 9pm.
Closed on Sundays.


Ted in his element leading a seminar in Ontario Canada.