A Winning Team, Not A Franchise

All franchises require a huge up-front fee. Not Us!

  • Mango Dogs will take care of training you 
  • Will get your clients every month 
  • Will do your sales calls, so don't have to go in alone

Just show up and train the client/dog!

Our Mission

We empower struggling dog owners with much-needed support, techniques, and tools putting an end to the frustration their dog has created in their life. We do so with the utmost integrity and a sincere desire to help people and their dogs over the long term. 


I'm Ted Efthymiadis

(Mango Dogs Owner)

I started training professionally in 2009 and was lucky enough to live only 4 hours an incredible balanced dog trainer. He took me under his wing and I started his first franchise. After five years I decided to leave the franchise and start my own company. While those years were wonderfully formative for me that I time, I've structured Mango Dogs very differently because I disagreed with many critical ways that his business was run. 


1: It cost way too much money to start one of his locations

2: Support for trainers decreased overtime

3: Constructive feedback was not listened to

4: No help with marketing or sales was provided 

As you'll come to learn, Mango Dogs growth is centered around avoiding those mistakes. 

I'm still actively training dogs everyday, and that's something that's never going to change. My staff is capable of taking over, yet my passion can not be quenched, and I believe that when you are at the head of a company, you should lead by example. Everyday I still learn new things and it's my job to pass on that wisdom to the next generation. 

I live in Halifax NS Canada with my wife, two kids and my radical dogs.

I'm Moe Zaki

(Mango Dogs Head Of Operations)

"12 Years ago I got my first dog Zezu, a German Shepherd and it was apparent soon after that I needed some help. At the time I was living in Halifax NS Canada so I reached out to Ted for help. Ted literally changed my life. We got control over Zezu and I really enjoyed the process. Ted and I naturally became friends and I started helping him with protection training his dogs because I loved watch his dog work and develop. Around that time I was finishing up my MBA from Saint Marys University. 

In 2012 I decided to move to Charlotte NC to help my uncle run his distribution business. I learned a lot working for my uncle, and I worked my way up the ladder quickly. While I loved my work, I felt like there was something missing. I wasn't really in love with the business, and I wanted to make a change. My next step was to call Ted in Nova Scotia and tell him that I wanted to become a professional dog trainer, and that I wanted to leave my uncles business in 3 weeks. Ted was very supportive and told me to fly to Halifax to start my training. After being in Nova Scotia for a month, I was ready to go home and open my Mango Dogs location in Charlotte. If I'm being honest I was a little scared, and I had faith knowing that Ted has helped thousands of dog trainers around the world. 

BOOM, things just blew up. I worked long hours and did exactly what he told me to do, and in under 3 months I was making more money than I was when I was working for my uncles company. 

Ted and Mango Dogs completely changed my life, and now I've taken on the role of lead trainer for our new locations. I'll be your guide as your start your new business and I'll help you grow your business as the years mature. 

I'm excited to help you change your life, just like I did. So apply today."

So Here's How It Works!

1: Apply

Apply online (link below) to join our team and start a Mango dogs in your area. 

2: Online Training

Take our 65+ hours on online training to get your training started. Take a sneak peak here.

3: In-Person Training

Take your practical training Moe Zaki in Charlotte NC USA. 

4: Open The Doors

Open your location and open a bottle of bubbly! You can work at your current job until you are comfortable going full time with Mango Dogs!

Ted's helped THOUSANDS of dog trainers around the world


"I started following Ted nearly 4 years ago now and have been lucky enough to attend his seminars & shadow him in Canada (I flew 38 hrs from Australia to be mentored by him!).

Ted has made me a better trainer & helped my business grown more than anyone in the industry.

He’s not only extremely knowledgeable & experienced in dog training and in business, but he’s about as decent and authentic as a human can be.

I’ve watched him with clients, students & friends. He is generous with his time and genuinely cares about people."

Ariza Nel


"Ted Efthymiadis, you are one of the greatest, humblest, most charitable people I've ever met. Thank you for all of the hours you've spent helping me and my fledgling business, most of it without pay."

Sara Baker


"In addition to Ted's training insights as a matter of course on the blog, his personal consultation with me on a difficult case of a German shepherd last year was decisive, and I have since made use of his training technique in other cases. On the business side, Ted's seminar on how to supplant board and trains with alternate programs was equally decisive. I never enjoyed B&T's and felt somehow obligated to offer them, but Ted, by example and instruction, showed how a different model could work. It does. I greatly appreciate Ted's clear and counter-intuitive thinking on both training and business."

Rip Trainer

Will You Be A Good Fit?

A Mango Dogs trainer MUST have these characteristics; 

  1. Love dogs and have a passion for training dogs
  2. Love helping people
  3. Our trainers typically work 40-50 hours a week
  4. Must be willing to do this full time, not part time
  5. Must be willing to work nights and Saturdays
  6. Be free of significant addiction issues and must clear a background check
  7. Must have at least one of their own dogs and must meet our minimum criteria as a demonstration dog (we can help you with training them)
  8. Must have their own dependable car, car insurance and drivers license
  9. Must be with Mango dogs for at least 3 years
  10. Can work your current job until you have replaced your income, no problem, we understand!!!

Why Starting A Franchise Is Silly

When you join a dog training franchise here's how it typically goes. You send in an online application and they do their due diligence on you. If they like what they see they ask you for $60,000 as a training fee. After the fee has been paid you you'll also pay a monthly royalty to the organization on your sales

At mango dogs we use what's called a licensing agreement instead of a franchising agreement and the major difference is that there's no upfront cost for you to get started.

So here's how it goes. You'll fill out the evaluation form on this website and it will be sent directly to me (Ted). If you fill out the form you will get a response back either way after you've been considered (expect 36-48 hours). If Moe and I feel as though you'll be a good fit to start a mango dog's location you will start to have further discussions with myself and Moe.

Then we'll progress to having a criminal background check being done. Assuming you pass that screening, your next step will be to start doing your online training.

Our online training is currently over 65 hours+ of videos (and constantly growing) showing you how we do what we do on a day-to-day basis. It's got books to read and videos to watch that you can watch also all of the documents that you'll need to get your business started. After consuming the content you will have 60 days to complete two tests online. (So at that point you will have invested at least two - three hours a day into your online training)

Assuming you finish the online training and pass your tests you can then transition into your physical training which will be done in Charlotte North Carolina with Moe Zaki. You should expect to spend at least a week in Charlotte NC with Moe, sitting in on all of his evaluations and lessons. Then you'll be ready to head home and open your location.

We even help you start your business off on the best foot by introducing you to our accountant who will help you legally open your business, and file your taxes!

At any point before the contract is signed, we reserve the right to not move forward. We are very specific about who we allow to join our team, but will be up front with applicants.

Here's what we pay for;

  1.  We'll cover your hotel for the week
  2.  You'll get t-shirts and hats, business cards
  3.  We'll pay for your fuel costs for the first 90 days to get to all of you clients homes
  4.  We run your ads that keep you busy. (effective ads cost a lot of money)
  5.  Create your section on the website and email address
  6.  We'll have our admin take all of your sales phone calls so you can focus on your paying clients and their dog(s)

Here's what you'll need to pay for; 

  1. Purchase all training tools associated with training clients. (All these costs will be reimbursed into your pay after 30 days)
  2. Fuel costs (after the first 90 days)
  3. You'll need to cover your food costs and air plane ticket to get to Charlotte NC.
  4. You'll need business insurance roughly. ($600-800/year depending on your state)
  5. Your own vehicle and your vehicle insurance. 
  6. Get a square credit card / debit card machine. ($60 one time cost)
  7. You'll need a few dollars to register your business with your local government, and you'll need to open a business bank account.

Here's what you'll do on a daily basis as a location owner;

  1. Phone calls from clients and emails.
  2. Complete daily, weekly, monthly, yearly reports.
  3. You'll do sales evaluations at the clients home. (we'll set them up for you)
  4. Training your clients at the clients home.
  5. One group class every Saturday.
  6. Produce Google reviews and testimonials for your location.
  7. Make sure that your taxes are filed on time.
  8. Train your own dogs so they are well trained.
  9. We'll show you how to cultivate relationships with Veterinarians and create referrals that keep you super busy!
  10. Have fun and eat a lot of mango's. 
  11. Weekly team training calls Wed evening 7pm.

Here's what we do to support you;

  1. Weekly ZOOM calls for you to ask training questions. 
  2. Train you in the most current balanced training methods in the world in the short team and long term.
  3. Provide a community that will help you feel connected. 
  4. Ongoing mentor-ship and support.

Time Off

One week off in your first year. Two weeks in year two. Four weeks off in year three. Capped at 4 weeks. 

***Can't take more than 7 days off at a time. Must communicate with management in advance before taking time off. ***

How you make money, how we make money;

You'll make a flat fee for every client that you train and we collect the rest of the fee to pay for marketing costs, profit, and other operating expenses. Our trainers make a good enough income to buy a house and raise a family. We discuss compensation further after you apply.  

Always Innovating 

We have developed methods that work extremely well to help dog owners who are struggling. That doesn't mean that we are not willing to adjust the way that we do things. When we experience new techniques we will pass over to you and we are open to learning from everyone on our team. 

We use a lot of food training, e-collars and prong collars from time to time. We don't want to make cookie cutter dog trainers, and we don't want to force all of our location owners to be exactly like us. We have programs that we follow, because each dog is an individual, we must adapt to the dog and owners in front of us. 

Hear Directly From Two Of Our Trainers

What Makes Mango Dogs Different

*Mention purple cow on your cover letter
  • You get to pick your own clients. We don't expect you to work with uncommitted dog owners or creeps. 
  • You can work at your current job for up to 3 months after you finish our in person training before going full time with Mango Dogs!
  • You get paid immediately for every client that you sign up. No waiting for your pay check. 
  • No huge up front cost to join Mango Dogs
  • Marketing is our job, not yours.