Joe Di Profio – Dartmouth NS Canada

Since childhood I was taken with animals. I currently have 2 Rottweilers (Jaxx and Raelyn), 1 Husky Mix (Lexi), 1 Military Macaw (Amuk), 1 Yellow Crowned Amazon (Gomez), 1 Cockatiel (Buddy) and our cat (Gunner). My journey working with dogs began of course where most do, with the family dog. As a youth I took keen interest in training our family dog, following my mother around as she and I learned about obedience training.In adulthood I have owned, Dobermans, German Shepherds and Rottweilers. A couple of these dogs led me to trainers and behaviourists that trained myself to train the dogs. Having owned two aggressive dogs myself, working with these master trainers provided me some skills. This in turn has allowed me to pay it forward and help others over the past 30 years.

I have spent these 30 plus years working with rescues, shelters and transport groups to find suitable homes for dogs from across Canada and the USA. In doing so, I have found occasion to help many of the new owners get settled with their new family members. Often I have provided obedience training and beyond to aid in creating harmony in these new homes. Enter 2015 and Jayda, the sibling of my own Rottweiler Jaxx. Jayda came to me as many do, via a local shelter. She had been owner surrendered and was having human aggression issues in the shelter as well as in public. My beautiful wife Tina and I visited the shelter and quickly realized that Jayda needed help desperately. The scope of rehab that she would require, do her level of aggression, demanded that I find someone with a skill set beyond my own in aggressive dog rehab. This quest led me to Master Trainer Ted Efthymiadis and Mango Dogs. Ted’s work with Jayda was incredible. She was successfully rehabbed and re-homed and now lives in perfect harmony with her new family.

Subsequently, Ted has become a much valued friend and mentor. Ted has been kind enough share his methods and talents with me. This has taken both my skill set, and passion for training to a new level. I have been so inspired by Ted’s work, that I have decided to become a full-time trainer. I am now proud to call myself a balanced trainer and member of the Mango Dogs family.

I would love to help you with your dog. Are you having common behavioural problems? Maybe you have been struggling with leash pulling for years and need help? I want nothing more than to prevent more dogs from having to enter the rescue world. Let me help you enjoy your dog more!

Serving Halifax Regional Municipality. I am mobile! I will come to your house and help you on site!

Phone: 902.830.5747


Hours of operation:

Monday to Saturday : 9:30am to 9pm.
Closed on Sundays.