We adopted Jimmy via a dog rescue out of Texas. He came to us with the description of “loves to play with other dogs”. We learned very quickly that Jimmy did NOT love to play with other dogs and we thought we just had to accept that he would have a meltdown every time we ran into another dog on a hiking trail or on the street. It turned our walks from something enjoyable we did as a couple to something very stressful with our dog. A few months in, Jimmy started showing aggression towards Colin and it got to the point where he bit Colin and we had to isolate Jimmy in our basement when the three of us were home together. We had actually made the agonizing decision of putting Jimmy down, as we thought we had done everything we could for him (in consultation with our vet). As a last-ditch effort, we Googled “dog aggression trainer HRM” and Mango Dogs was one of the options. Contacting Ted at Mango Dogs literally saved Jimmy’s life! We started working with Amy and it’s been amazing to see how Jimmy has learned and has grown from the training. He is now fully reintegrated back into our home and daily routine and his relationship with Colin has done a complete 180. We cannot say enough great things about what this training has meant to us and how supportive and helpful Amy has been. We can’t recommend the team at Mango Dogs enough!!!
Caroline Dickie
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