Two Saturday classes. 1pm + 2pm 

at Flynn Park in Halifax.

WEATHER: If it’s raining or snowing, we’ll only do the 1 pm.

If it’s down pouring really bad or really heavy snow, or dangerous driving/walking conditions, I’ll cancel both classes.

 I make weather Updates 11am on Saturday morning if it's inclement weather.


On days with nice weather, if it’s possible, consider coming at 2pm if you can. 

Our 1pm classes are getting too big to give you any one on one attention. 

++Please wear footwear that is good for all conditions. Must have a good aggressive tread.++

Look for the play ground and you will see us on the path.

Call me if you get lost. TED-  902.489.4269

Have you posted a google review from Mango Dogs Yet?

We've be asking everyone at group class to do this before we start each week, so we'd love it for you to write one before class.

If you want to write a testimonial it can be short. Just a paragraph or two is ideal. Just ask yourself 3 quick questions. 

1: What was your dog like before?

2: In what ways is your dog better now?

3: Would you refer Mango Dogs to friends?

Also, include a photo of if you could.

You can post it by clicking on the link below then clicking WRITE A REVIEW:

Thanks a million, Ted and Amy