Bubba is a 2-year-old English Bulldog who recently got an attitude adjustment from Mango
Dogs and here’s his story.

Bubba was brought home to a new family at the age of 8 weeks from a local breeder. Showered
with love and affection for the first 6 months, when they realized they were not equipped to give
him the care and structure he needed. Bubba was not getting much attention or exercise anymore and that didn’t sit
right with him. He started nipping the kids, jumping on people, pulling on the leash, attacking
anything with wheels, not coming when called, and guarding toys.

These behavioural issues ultimately ended up becoming so much of an issue for the owners
that they started isolating him in an extra bedroom for long periods to avoid the issue altogether.
He didn’t have much of a life, and his owners knew they were in over their heads, and decided
they didn’t want him anymore.

Enter Karen.
Karen heard about Bubba’s situation via a mutual friend and her heart went out to him. She
went to visit him and it was agreed that Karen would adopt Bubba and give him the time,
attention, and training that he needed.

Karen has a big heart, and she secretly hoped that love was going to fix the issue. She’s had
dogs before and her last dog was a bulldog mix.

Bubbas issue got really bad very quickly after moving to Karen’s home. It seemed that the new
attention, long walks (long for a bulldog), and love was not going to fix the issue. He was now
trying to attack and bite Karen and her boyfriend, and any guest who might come to the house.
Overwhelmed, she reached out to Ted, the owner of Mango Dogs. and has been working with
dogs like Bubba for a really long time, so she thought that he would be their best chance at
saving Bubba’s life.

“I just couldn’t trust him, one moment he’d be walking around the kitchen, and the next, he’d be
trying to attack me for no reason.”

After meeting with Ted for an evaluation, they decided to pull the trigger. The price was not
cheap, but they had made Bubba a promise, and they didn’t want to put him down.
After just a few weeks of training, they saw a huge improvement in Bubba’s behaviour. After 4
weeks, they remarked that they finally had control over Bubba, and they were finally starting to
trust him.


He had become so unpredictable that Karen had to stop walking him, he was also being
kenneled during the day, despite the fact that she worked from home.

All interaction had to happen when her boyfriend got home from work.
This had all changed in just 4 weeks. She was now able to walk him without fear that he might
try and attack her again and she could handle him without issue all day when her boyfriend was
at work.

They are having people over again, and “he’s like a different dog,” says Karen. “We’re still
watching him just in case, but the change has been incredible”.
“I don’t feel like a prisoner in my own home anymore”. Karen said.
Bubba recently came to his first Mango Dogs group class and he was one of the best dogs
there. Karen and Andy were very impressed at how well he did and were pleased that “He didn’t
even make a scene”.

If your struggling with your dog, please give us a call and see how we can help. We can help
with all types of behavioral issues, and as you’ve just read, aggression issues too. Get things
done right the first time, call Mango dogs today.

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