Max, the most incredible dog on the planet.

Max belongs to a client of mine. He’s handsome, a pittie mix, and he does two amazing things for his owner each day. Find out more about Max’s story. Enjoy.

Preventing dog bites with kids.

Preventing dogs bites with kids. Please share this video. We can prevent bites to kids and decrease the amount of dogs that are put to sleep for these actions.

Even husky’s can walk like a dream!

As a dog trainer, I often hear owners expressing concern about about specific breeds being able to be trained. For example, I have a beagle and I want to train him off leash, but I heard that’s impossible because they will just run away, can you still help me? Husky’s are the same way, “I have a husky, they are …

Stay is implied.

In this video Ted explains the concept of stay is implied. And why we don’t use stay commands or extra hand signals when training dogs. Some terminology: Good= Keep doing what you are doing. (also known as a bridge) Yes= You are done the command. (also known as a release command. Simplistic training is the only way to train!

Free video course

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Ellie: Before and after.

Before Ellie came in for training she was a handful to walk! She was not able to be around other dogs, had a host of behaviour problems and was extremely reactive on the leash. Apart from that she was a magnificent, loving dog for her amazing owners. Watch as we transform Ellie into a more well behaved dog. If you …

Malinois, not a dog for most.

With the movie Max set to hit theatre in June 2015, many Belgian Malinois breeders, dog trainers and dog enthusiasts are concerned. The concern is real. Look at the over population in shelters after the movies 101 Dalmatians, Beethoven, Marmaduke came out. If you go to see this movie, please consider loving the breed from the comfort of your own …

Let dogs be dogs!

dog training halifax and dartmouth NS

Wouldn’t it be great if you could allow your dog off leash to enjoy nature with the assurance that your dog will be responsive 100 percent of the time? We can help you achieve your goals.

How to: Treadmill training 101.

dog training dartmouth ns

In this video you will learn the easiest possible way to train your dog to walk on a treadmill. Walnut, our demonstration dog in this video has never been on a treadmill. By the end of just one session he is gladly walking on the treadmill and even gets into a nice smooth trot. We hope you enjoy the video. …

How to: Train any dog to wear a muzzle.

Dog Training Halifax NS Canada

How to: Train any dog to wear a muzzle. In this video I will discuss three of the best muzzles and explore the pro’s and con’s of each. Then I will take you step by step into properly conditioning your dog to wear the muzzle. Hope you enjoy the video!

MangoDogs board and learn program.

off leash training halifax ns

Wouldn’t it be nice if your dog could literally live with a professional dog trainer and have excellent care and training? Introducing the board and learn program from MangoDogs. If you are busy, this program is for you. Maybe your dog has a really serious case of aggression and you would feel more comfortable if we did the heavy lifting …