Puppy Training

I think it was the 100th time.

Yes… the 100th time that an adult dog tried to bite me that I realized something needed to change with my dog training programs.

We have always offered training programs for adult dogs (Adult Dog Training) and were getting great results with all sorts of adult dogs with all sorts of training issues from aggression to bad manners, separation anxiety to obedience training problems and more.

But it was at that moment that I realized I needed to change my PUPPY TRAINING PROGRAMS.

What I’m about to tell you, you already know.

You already know that you need to properly socialize your puppy at a young age.

You already know that you need to raise and train your puppy right in order to best avoid aggression and destruction and house training problems.

You know that there are critical things that need to happen when a puppy is being trained and raised that can spell the difference between success and failure.

You wouldn’t have come to this page typing ‘puppy training’ or ‘puppy training classes’ into your online search if you didn’t already know those things.

But here’s what the average puppy owner, just like you, often doesn’t know.

And it’s okay.  It’s a common thing.

But while the average puppy owner KNOWS there are a lot of things that can go wrong in raising a puppy, they usually aren’t capable of recognizing those things as they happen.


Or maybe you know that it’s critical for your training to start early but were told (falsely, of course) that a puppy should never be corrected.

Puppy owners know and recognize their need for great training and socializing, they just too often do it wrong.

And it took me 100 DOGS trying to attack me to exclaim in my head, “I need to equipt my clients better before they ever become problem dogs!”

That was many years ago.  At that point I changed our puppy training program.

Gone were the cutesy ‘roll over’ and ‘puppy parties’ and ‘sit pretty’ things.

Why would someone want to do socialization with 15 other puppies? Your puppy just lived with a litter of other puppy for roughly 8 weeks.

Your puppy should be socialized with ADULT dogs!

When you take your puppy to your friends house to a BBQ, it’s much more likely that your friend will have another adult not… not a puppy.

Yes, fun is still an important part of our program, but not at the expense of missing out on more important learning moments that can only be captured at a young age.

So instead of fluff and filler, I designed our programs around the most critical things that every dog owner needs to know in order to QUICKLY housebreak their dog, effectively get rid of nipping and biting and chewing and barking, get solid, reliable obedience, and how to socialize the puppy properly.

That’s it. Not rocket science.

If you want to teach your puppy tricks, youtube is free, this may not be the right program for you.

If your puppy is biting you, and you tried screeching like the internet told you… We have more effective ideas. If your puppy will not give back his favorite toy and you’ve tried swapping his toy with another toy… we can help you.

We NEVER get call from people with perfect puppies. We DO get calls all the time with people struggling. Our clients have the bruises to prove it.

If you’re like the growing number of dog owners we meet who value ‘making sure we do it right the first time’, our puppy program won’t let you down.

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