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Few people can claim that they failed their way into their career, but I sure can.

Hear me out.

Because there’s a good chance my story is very similar to yours.

My story starts back when I was 21 years old.  I was a typical guy in his early twenties.  I was fairly certain that I knew it all and that I could do anything I wanted.

And while I hadn’t grown up with dogs I felt like it was time for this guy to have a dog of his own.

I adopted Phoenix from my local shelter.  The shelter staff assured me that he was a friendly dog and I couldn’t see any red flags as we walked down the hallway and past other dogs.  He seemed happy and healthy so he came home with me.

Maybe you can relate, but the dog that Phoenix showed himself to be right away was not the dog he was when he got home.

Phoenix pictured here in 2007.

Once I got him home he started pulling on the leash.  Not just regular pulling.  We’re talking a dog who wasn’t going to rest until my shoulder was out of it’s socket.

Not only that, I couldn’t but I couldn’t let him off leash when out hiking around Halifax because he would take off for hours.

But that wasn’t the worst of it. He was very aggressive predatory to animals, so off leash was not an option.

He was my best friend, but I couldn’t trust him.

I don’t know if you’re dealing with aggression issues or just the need for more obedience training with your dog.  But my bet is that you’ve felt, at times, that you couldn’t trust your dog.  It’s not a great feeling.

I talked with the shelter and they recommended a trainer who had over 30 years of experience!  I was impressed.

I didn’t have a car so I walked an hour from my house to a rented out church where the classes were held.  I was so excited.  Phoenix had been with me for months at this point and I was at the end of my rope.  It was finally time to turn things around.

There were over thirty people in that first class!  I guess it made sense why it was so cheap, we weren’t going to be getting a lot of time with the trainer.

That first class was spent with treats in front of Phoenix’s nose trying to get him to sit.  That was all well and good, but that was stuff I’d already done at home.

I worked hard week in and week out.  I did EXACTLY what I was told each week and put in at least two hours per day in training. I was self employed so I could work with him anytime I wanted.

And week in and week out I noticed something.  The dogs in the class learned to sit as long as we had treats, they would roll over for treats, and even shake for treats…

…and then EVERY dog in the class would pull the owner’s out of the class.

None of what we were doing had any real world use.

I almost begged the trainer for more advanced classes.  He simply told me to stick with it and I’d eventually have success.  But I’d done the whole class and put in the work and didn’t have success.  I felt defeated.

As I searched for more Halifax dog trainers I found that most did things the same way.  Lots of treats, lots of tricks, but not a whole lot of real world training.  And definitely nothing to work on his off leash training or aggression.

So I took my search online.

I discovered that the training collars that the trainers I had been going to weren’t evil tools like I’d been told.

I learned that humane correction was fine, as well as plenty of positive reinforcement.

And I learned that to get real world training I probably wasn’t going to get very far by simply bribing my dog with treats.

It was from this failure that I became a man obsessed.

The next several years found me learning from some of the best dog trainers on the planet. Heck, I would stop people in the park and help them train for free!

My first failure in fixing aggression became my strength.  To the point where dog trainers from all over North America have come to learn from me in addition to hundreds of dog owners here in Halifax. After 9 years of training dogs just like Phoenix, I’m more committed than ever to help dog and people find freedom.

There IS ...

Whatever you’re dealing with, I promise you that we’ve seen it and trained it many times before.

Whether your dog is dealing with something minor like bad manners or “selective” obedience all the way to something major like dog or human aggression, our system can help you overcome it.

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